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In  this catalog you will find all the categories that we have, as Nativity Scenes, angels, alebrijes, pewter products, onyx table lamps & wooden puzzles. Also we have other items as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Almost all the items are Latino American hand made and hand painted, and they are made with wood, ceramic and pewter.
We are convinced that all that is hand made is always made with love.

We have been giving the artist a big place in this world, having the opportunity to show their art work out of their town.
Items coming from Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Ecuador, until now, but coming from more Countries this 2012.

We work as a teamwork with the artists, where they are focus on the art work, and we are focus on show them to the world.
More than 100 different styles of Nativity sets. Made in wood, ceramic and pewter. From 7 different Countries.
Hand carved, hand painted directly from the artists. They are made in San Martin de Tilcajete and Arrazola, Oaxaca in Mexico.
Constantly arriving new pieces.
Pewter is an easy material to keep it clean and alway shiny. With a big selection of items, from kitchen accesories, home decor, presents for him, frames, bottle wine holders, Etc.
They come in different sizes and different shapes. Each piece is unique, because it's hand painted and the decoration never will be the same
Onyx, a natural stone, make each lamp unique, elegant, with a contemporary touch. Made in Mexico.
Wooden Puzzles
Wooden puzzles come in different styles, shapes, color and sizes. They come in magnets, key chaing and standing pieces.
We also design your own logo or mascot for your company or your events. Ask for the B2B prices.